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Fanworks Survey! Please Take & Share!

Hey, so I know I haven't been posting here at all (I apologize for that, I do! I've had THE WORST writer's block since starting college T.T) but I do still have some followers, and I need y'all's help!

Please, please, PLEASE take this Fanworks Survey!

And then share it on facebook, tumblr, twitter, anywhere!

This is for my Sociological Research Methods class. Right now it’s just homework grade, but hopefully next year I’ll be doing the same topic for my senior research project so this is a sort of test-run. I need 15 people to take it for my homework grade- but more doesn't hurt!

I’m trying to study the way in which fandom mediates the transition from making art/fiction/crafts for fun to doing it for pay- including commissioned art and self-published books. That said, you by no means need to have made the transition to take the survey- it’s important to have all kinds of responses! Everything is anonymous, and you have a chance to weigh in on how well you feel the survey was done.

So please take it and share it! Thank you!


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Oct. 10th, 2013 05:33 pm (UTC)
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